T he automatic combined model, given its many features and reduced dimensions and good productivity, is especially popular with fresh pasta shops, hotels, restaurants, canteens and supermarkets, etc

Equipped with a kneading tray (with removable shaft) for the production of floured dough.

The laminated unit with 160 mm automatic sheeter produces continuous rolls of dough.

Consisting of two pairs of rollers fitted on special bearings and side supports, with particular arrangements, it eliminates the possibility of infiltration into the bearings themselves.

The complete RS 160 mm double sheet ravioli machine produces split ravioli in various shapes thanks to the simple and fast replacement of interchangeable moulds with squares, circles, half moons, flowers and hearts.

Particularly suitable for soft fillings of lean meats, ricotta, vegetables, cheeses and meat.

The system for dosing the amount of filling can be adjusted during processing thanks to the input of the filling using a pressing system.

It comes complete with two 55mm diameter pairs of rollers fitted on bearings to adjust the sheet.

Complete with a 160 mm automatic sheet size cutter with interchangeable moulds, this automatically produces sheets for lasagne, tagliatelle, pappardelle, fettuccine and linguine of the thickness and length desired with simple, fast replacements.

All moving parts are mounted on bearings, ferrules and self-lubricating supports, so the machine does not require any scheduled maintenance.

The widely tested construction technology and safety devices make the machine practical and safe to use.

Detail of the automatic combined unit

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Available Models

Komby 160

  • Kneading tray capacity: 18-20 Kg;
  • 160mm width of ravioli sheet and automatic sheeter;
  • Approx 80 Kg/h hourly production of double sheet ravioli;
  • 30 Kg/h long pasta production time;
  • 3 KWatts of motor power;
  • Dim 140x80x170 cm;
  • Weight: 390 Kg

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