We have been working in the specific sector of machinery for pasta production for thirty years. We produce automatic and semi-automatic machines, divided into the “shop range” and “workshop range”, for a widely varied clientele.

We cover the entire production cycle of different types of dry and fresh pasta, from dough to packaging. We appeal mostly to those wishing to open new fresh or dry pasta workshops, restaurants or delicatessens.

The tenacity and passion of our founders has been handed down to the second generation and this has seen the training of a young, specialised staff: a close-knit, skilled working group capable of guaranteeing a consolidated future; a profitable, long-lasting relationship that only the seriousness of a brand and efficiency of the service can offer to an ever growing and demanding clientele.

Our machines are designed to guarantee safety and reliability, both important requirements in the food industry.

We appreciate how much a machine that is not working properly can affect your production and earnings and this is why we provide you with a timely and constant support service from our highly skilled personnel. This way your machine will always be working without a break in production.

Thanks to continuous technical and technological research, we are constantly producing new pasta machines with the sole purpose of satisfying our clients’ needs.

machine per pasta professionali

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