M achine for drying the surface of fresh pasta, ideally suited for small shops to be included in the production cycle to surface dry orecchiette or products from machines for producing traditional regional pastas, by separating the product and preserving the original shape.

Made up of three stages with stainless steel loose link belts, complete with fans, quartz electrical resistors, electrical switchboard and controls. Structure and panels entirely in stainless steel.

The widely tested construction technology and safety devices make the machine practical and safe to use.

Detail of the three-stage pre-wrappers

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Available Models


  • Stainless steel structure and mesh
  • 350 mm useful belt width
  • 30/50 Kg/h hourly production
  • 3kW machine power
  • Complete with ventilation and electric resistances
  • Measurements and volume: 1,200x500x800h
  • Weight 70 kg

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