macchina per pasta gastronomia

T hese are fresh pasta machines ideal for restaurants, hotels, communities, canteens, bakeries, delicatessens and supermarkets; this eye-catching range is perfect for using at the counter in front of customers.

By simply replacing the die, you can create a wide variety of different sized pasta shapes. By means of a special die, penne and lasagne sheets can also be produced.

Simple, tried and tested mechanics and an electronic control panel manufactured in line with the latest technologies make it extremely easy and practical to use.

To ensure the machine is always perfectly clean, the mixing bowl, cochlea, mixing arm and chassis are made of AISI 304 stainless steel; cleaning is also simplified by the absence of cracks where residual dough can get stuck.

The extrusion sleeve features an open-circuit water cooling system that dissipates the heat generated by the pressure.

To ensure the operator’s safety, any potentially dangerous component on the machine is equipped with legally required protections.

The standard equipment includes the electronic adjustment knife to produce short pasta like fusilli, gnocchetti and maccheroni, a fan to dry the pasta surface and, on request, supplied with a two-shelf stainless steel trolley.

Detail of single tanks presses

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Available Models

P 17

  • 94 mm die diameter
  • 30 Kg/h extrusion production
  • 7 Kg capacity of kneading tray
  • Dimensions 36 x 98 x 144h cm
  • Weight 120 Kg
  • 0.8 kW electricity consumption

P 35

  • 109 mm diameter of die
  • 55 Kg/h extrusion production
  • 10 Kg capacity of kneading tray
  • Dimensions 55 x 110 x 132h cm
  • Weight 150 Kg
  • 1.7 kW electricity consumption

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