M achines recognised everywhere thanks to the product obtained that meets all the taste and sensory standards as well as having the physical appeal of the artisan product.

Suitable for the production of traditional regional pastas, achieved by easily and quickly replacing shaping systems.

Used for the production of: fusillo calabro, strigolo, fusillo  avellinese, cavatello, cicatello, bearded, maccheroncino lecce, strozzaprete and fusillo salernitano.

Equipped with a size regulator, they adjust the size and thickness of the product required.

Machines made of stainless steel and other materials suitable for contact with food and with paint free track structure.

Detail of machines for regional pasta specialities

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Available Models


  • 1 extruder machine
  • 18-20 Kg/h hourly production

Model available with 2/T fan collection unit MOD. with shaped AISI 304 stainless steel sheet structure, drying fan and two wooden frames with polyester mesh. Measurement: 700×460 mm


  • 2 extruder machine
  • 45-50 Kg/h hourly production

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